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Costa Rica Revisited

Well, unfortunately I did not actually “revisit” Costa Rica (yet!)  I decided to revisit some old photos and do a little editing.  In 2011, I spent 3 months studying Spanish and documentary film in Costa Rica.  But believe me, it was not all work!  I did a lot of traveling, visiting every corner of the country and everywhere in between.  I went from the city to the beach to the cloud forrest and then all the way up to the Nicaraguan border to a place called “Witch’s Rock” (surfers, you’ll know what this is).  It was the adventure of a lifetime and even included falling off a cliff, getting lost and ending up on a goat farm and having emergency surgery.  I blogged about the whole trip so if you are interested in reading more, it all starts here :)  Enjoy! Hola Desde Costa Rica


By Caroline

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