Nags Head 158

I had the pleasure of spending a few days down in NC recently.  Cape Hatteras and the Outer Banks area is my second home (right now literally!)  I was blessed with gorgeous weather this Christmas Eve Eve down at the beach so I decided to take some time and explore..  I absolutely love taking photos down here.  This is the place where I find the most peace and there is always so much to do.  Recently the Outer Banks was hit by a decent storm.  A lot of the houses were pretty damaged and there was a significant amount of beach erosion.  I went down a few weeks afterward.  There’s still some evidence of damage.

Look like anything you’ve seen before? ;)


This is apparently one of the oldest houses in Kitty Hawk. What a cozy little bungalow.


I also got to do a little surfing while I was there. It was hard to believe I was out in the water 2 days before Christmas and it was this beautiful and 75 degrees!



Mmmm. I could never get enough of this place.


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